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On the surface, I take pictures. And on the surface, people smile for the camera, then wait for images in their inbox. But I am, and my business is made up of the moments in between. If I call a bride to strategize, and she’s just experienced a moment when she didn’t feel supported by her mother during her dress fitting, I’m there. If he feels overwhelmed by the planning process and feels helpless, I’m there. If they both feel that oh-so-natural pang of fear before the wedding, I’m there. And in that moment of pure elation when they are looking into each others eyes and making promises to build a life together, I’m there. Yes, I take pictures, but my connection with those that I work with transcends the transaction.

My other hobbies:

  • Being outside-everything feels simpler in the sunshine.
  • Yoga-I’m the least flexible yogi whos mostly in it for the metal benefits.
  • Baking in general, but particularly pies. I love the tactile feeling of pressing the cold dough between my hands until it reaches the right consistency. Cheesy or not, I like to think about the person I’m baking the pie for and how much they will enjoy it-which in turn brings me such joy.
  • Organization-time spent with my label maker or excel spreadsheet is time well spent.

I’m instant friends with someone when they:

  • Think I’m funny (because I sure do)
  • Like wine, but bonus points for loving champagne
  • Can accurately quote the tv show Friends, or the movie “Just Friends”
  • Enjoy dancing whether they are good at it or not. I’m not...still love it
  • Karaoke like their in the shower with the good acoustics

My love story:

My husband, Adam, and I met when we were both working for Starbucks. He was transferred to my store as my boss, and I knew instantly that we’d have a problem. We lived in studio apartments for the majority of our 20’s, which was fine for us since we are constantly in the same room anyway. We’ve both changed in many ways over the years but we have always maintained our friendship and support for each other's dreams. Marriage is an ever evolving organism. It has its own life. And we decided early on to evolve with it, instead of pushing back against it.

Favorite Music:

  • Led Zeppelin
  • Wens
  • Foals
  • 80’s hair anthem rock

Favorite movies/tv:

  • Friends
  • The Bachelor/ette
  • Some like it hot
  • Mixed Nuts
  • The Revenant

Celebrity Crush:

  • Dax Sheppard

My core values (what I teach my daughter):

  • Be kind
  • Have boundaries
  • Don’t take anything too seriously/have as much fun as you can
  • Help others and accept help when you need it