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My name is Lindsay Lane, owner and photographer of Vivid Lens. I am someone who aspired to be surrounded by kind people, true happiness, and lots (and lots) of flowers. After doing the corporate thing my whole adult life, I decided to chase those ideas I once thought were unachievable. I've never been happier. I laugh way too loud. I call people by a nickname almost immediately. I'm a secret writer who's started many books that will never see the light of day. I cry at happy things (including but not limited to commercials and game shows). I feel such a profound sense of happiness when someone asks me to be a part of their wedding day. It is my favorite part of running my own business. I would be honored to be a part of yours.

My other hobbies:

  • Being outside - everything feels simpler in the sunshine.
  • Yoga - I’m the least flexible yogi who's mostly in it for the mental benefits.
  • Baking in general, but particularly pies. I love the tactile feeling of pressing the cold dough between my hands until it reaches the right consistency. Cheesy or not, I like to think about the person I’m baking the pie for and how much they will enjoy it — which in turn brings me such joy.
  • Organization - time spent with my label maker or excel spreadsheet is time well spent.

I’m instant friends with someone when they:

  • Think I’m funny (because I sure do).
  • Like wine, but bonus points for loving champagne.
  • Can accurately quote the tv show Friends, or the movie “Just Friends”.
  • Enjoy dancing whether they are good at it or not. I’m not... still love it.
  • Karaoke like they're in a shower with good acoustics.

My love story:

I married someone who can make a trip to the DMV fun. I knew I wanted to date him the moment I saw him, but I knew I wanted to marry him...well, immediately after that. We worked at Starbucks (he was my boss, yikes!), we took random trips to Krispy Kreme and laughed at the same parts of movies that aren't supposed to be funny. We lived in a studio apartment, which was fine for us since we are constantly in the same room anyway. We’ve both changed in many ways over the years but we have always maintained our laughter and support for each other's dreams. Marriage is an ever-evolving organism. It has its own life. And we decided early on to evolve with it, instead of pushing back against it.

My core values (what I teach my daughter):

  • Be Kind
  • Have Boundaries
  • Don’t take anything too seriously / have as much fun as you can
  • Help others and accept help when you need it